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UPBEAT was created in 2012 to design and implement workable business computing systems to support small and medium-sized businesses throughout Christchurch. We implement IT systems so that they won’t break down under normal circumstances.

The UPBEAT team

UPBEAT is a small, tightly-knit team operating under the experienced direction of founder Richard Orwin.

Richard’s twenty-plus years of providing technical support to businesses all over Christchurch and beyond equips him to offer cutting-edge, cost-effective support, and professional, impartial advice with a friendly, no-nonsense approach.

We’re always UPBEAT!

Totally – and you’ll be glad we are, because there is nothing worse than hitting a technological trough just when you’re trying to complete a job. Frustrating for you, not to mention a threat to profitability. You need an IT specialist who can fix it double-quick and offer workable solutions to ensure the problem doesn’t happen again in the future.

At UPBEAT, our friendly service is comprehensive, professional and reliable, so you feel much more a part of a trusted partnership than just calling in a quick fix (although sometimes, being called in to do a quick fix can be the beginning of a long-term bond).

It’s all in the name!

UPBEAT also reflects Richard’s other passion as a musician, when time permits (for 25 years his ‘other job’ was playing the Tuba in the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra) The ‘UPBEAT’ is given by the conductor immediately before the first downbeat of a piece of music, signifying the beginning of something great. And that, we believe, is a very good place to start.

It’s up and up from here

Since UPBEAT was created, Richard and the team have added many more Christchurch businesses to their list of happy clients. All have benefited from the trademark friendly computer support, expert guidance and proactive maintenance, and appreciate not being hassled by salespeople (they don’t exist at UPBEAT), just a trusted partnership and assured knowledge that solutions will be found.

You enlist us to catch the proverbial before it hits the fan – and that’s what we do.

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As a Small Business owner working from home, it can be tricky to work out if your systems are safe and robust enough for you and your clients. This is where Richard and the team at Upbeat Business Computing have been invaluable. Whenever we need a crucial update or appropriate anti-virus applications, Upbeat Business Computing have been a lifesaver. They are an important part of our team at Rebecca Taiaroa Mortgages.

Rebecca Taiaroa, Financial Adviser

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