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What slows down my PC?

One of the most common questions we get asked is "How can I speed up my PC?" or "Why is my PC so slow?" This article aims to outline the key hardware-related reasons why your PC may be slow and what, if anything, can be done about it. So let's start with the three major causes of a slow PC. Your PC can also be slowed down by software, but that's for another blog post... 1. ...


Extending Wifi Range

Don't even try! Well, not with a so-called Wifi extender that is. Many of us have got used to using WIFI for everything and the manufacturers are feeding that with promises of more and more speed (bandwidth). So it's only natural that when time comes to put that new smart TV into the "entertainment" lounge at the opposite end of the building, you see the advert for the WIFI extender and you think "that's what I need." Well ...


The Intel Chip Bugs

You'll have seen in the press over the last couple of days that a serious security bug has been discovered which exists in many processors made by Intel and others over the past decade. There are two bugs, that have been named Spectre and Meltdown. They're serious, and could potentially allow malicious software to access information on your PC or server. Although the bug is in the processor hardware itself, its effects can be largely mitigated by a patch ...


Contacting UPBEAT Business Computing

As a company, we're growing and that's a good thing. However, growth means we're all getting busier and not always able to take or return your calls directly. This can lead to delays and a certain amount of frustration. So what have we done about it? We have engaged an answering service to take calls on our behalf and either forward the calls to the relevant individual, send us an email summary of the message ...


The KRACK Wifi Hack

What you need to know Many of you will have seen on the TV News, or on news websites, that there is a new hack, called KRACK, targeting secure Wifi networks. As is usual with the news media, things aren't quite as bad as they appear but there are still things to be aware of in order to stay safe. Although some Wifi routers and access points are vulnerable to this hack, it appears at this stage that devices, ...


Laptop or Desktop – How to decide

Focus on your business lifestyle and the way you work and you can’t go wrong Time was when one very special person in the whole office had ‘The Computer’. Bigger than a small principality, it used ‘floppy discs’, (which was odd, because they weren’t floppy at all!), was noisy, temperamental and expensive. Nowadays, of course, the price allows most people to have their own personal computer, but the available options can be quite overwhelming. Headaches lurk in the ...


Line Interactive vs On Line UPS / Double Conversion

Most of us know that we need a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to keep our critical servers, and other electronic equipment, going during a power outage and shut them down "cleanly" if the mains supply is down for an extended period of time but why should we pay the (sometimes considerable) extra to get an On Line model rather than a cheaper line-interactive one? When should you use an On Line UPS? Always. When MUST you use ...


Do You Need a Server On-Site?

This is a fundamental question often asked but not often given the consideration it deserves. The "Cloud" proponents will argue that "the Cloud" is the answer to all business owners' dreams but there are some situations where a server on-site is almost mandatory or, at least, worthy of serious contemplation. Read on for some reasons why you may, or may not, require a server on-site. Why you need a server on-site Time-critical transactions where demand is random ...


7 Things Wrong With “The Cloud”

What is "The Cloud?" There is so much being written about "cloud computing" these days and businesses are being told to "go cloud" because it's the future and you need to accept it. But what are the downsides? Is "cloud" the "silver bullet" that is is promoted as being? Read on and find out my thoughts on the subject. 1. We can't agree what "cloud" actually means The first "problem" is that no-one can agree on what "cloud" ...


3 Simple Steps to Protecting Your Small Business Data

We all hear of the disasters in the media of businesses that have either lost money or data (or both) and had to close down. It can be tough running a small business let alone keeping safe. Here are some tips to help ensure that your data stays secure and your business keeps moving along. 1. Security Policies Every business needs to have effective security policies for its employees. Not only that, but they need to be ...

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