Business Continuity

Contacting UPBEAT Business Computing.

Contacting the team As a company, we're growing and that's a good thing. However, growth means we're all getting busier and not always able to take or return your calls directly. This can lead to delays and a certain amount of frustration. So what have we done about it? We ...

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The KRACK Wifi Hack.

What you need to know Many of you will have seen on the TV News, or on news websites, that there is a new hack, called KRACK, targeting secure Wifi networks. As is usual with the news media, things aren't quite as bad as they appear but there are still things to be ...

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What is Business Continuity?

What is business continuity? UPBEAT Business Computing is focussed on business continuity for businesses of all sizes in many different industries across Christchurch and Canterbury but what exactly is business continuity and how does it affect your business? What is it? Fundamentally, business continuity means exactly what it says. It is ...

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