Why you should use a “Cloud” hosted SPAM filter

Why you should use a "Cloud" hosted SPAM filter With SPAM filtering build into the latest version of Exchange and all sorts of firewalls now available to scan for viruses, malware and other internet-borne undesirables, it may seem like a bit of a backward step to use an external (or "cloud" hosted) SPAM ...

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Fake email spotting 101

The other day, I received the following email. I was immediately suspicious because I have never dealt with HM Revenue and Customs! Anyway, I decided to look a little deeper and this tutorial was born. What if I had dealt with them before? Alert #1: Return email address. The ...

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What happens after you click “send”?

What happens after you click "send"? Most people don't stop to think what happens after they click "send" in their email program. Why should you? After all, the email's on its way and all's good with world right? Possibly. Possibly not. Read on to find out what really goes on, what can go ...

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