Do you need a server on-site?

This is a fundamental question often asked but not often given the consideration it deserves. The “Cloud” proponents will argue that “the Cloud” is the answer to all business owners’ dreams but there are some situations where a server on-site is almost mandatory or, at least, worthy of serious contemplation.

Read on for some reasons why you may, or may not, require a server on-site.

Why you need a server on-site.

• Time-critical transactions where demand is random and it just HAS to work every time.
• You regularly work on and/or email huge documents.
• Email delivery is time critical and you need as much control over it as possible.
• You run an application which requires 100% full-time network access between PCs and a central database.
• You need to be able to work independently of any internet services.

Why you don’t need a server on-site.

• If all you use is email and timing isn’t critical.
• Your line of business application(s) is/are web-based.
• Your workforce is largely mobile.
• The documents you work on are only relatively small.
• You don’t want to own expensive server hardware.

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