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Analysis & Design

To offer you the best computer design which will last for its intended life-span.

We have to scrutinize your business processes, maybe suggesting ideas you hadn’t thought about – all geared to give you the best system to suit you now and for the next few years. Our analysis and design covers systems of all shapes and sizes – from one PC or laptop and a printer, up to multi-server, multi-site networks (The UPBEAT Difference)

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Think you have the smarts to install a computer – after all,  how difficult can it be?

Well, the truth is it takes a professional to do it correctly, so that you don’t run into problems down the line. So many businesses cut corners by installing the system themselves or enlisting the help of a well-meaning mate or staff member. The result is usually disastrous! Productivity can be lost at critical times when the system crashes for no apparent reason, or important data is accidentally deleted without a backup.

Much better advice is to appreciate that you owe it to your business to get the job done right first time by professionals. Yes, you’ll probably pay a little more up-front, but it will pay dividends in the longer term. Get your new business computer system installed by the professionals.

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UPBEAT have always offered proactive support & advanced monitoring systems.

Our years of experience in this area means we know exactly what to monitor and how to minimise false alarms, while ensuring that all problems are detected.

We’ve developed a comprehensive set of criteria which allows us to monitor computers and networks of all sizes to guarantee continuity of each computer system and the business it serves. If your business can’t function without your computer system, monitoring is essential. It’s like having your own IT team, but without the cost. We also offer a centralised system which allows each client immediate access to information about any of their computers.

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IT Support & Maintenance

“Our business is keeping your business running” – and it’s exactly what we do  

There’s little point in having a state-of-the-art computer system with a fast network if you don’t maintain it, or have anyone who can be there to support you should anything go wrong. Hardware does fail from time to time, it’s a fact of life. Maintenance of both hardware and software is a must to keep your system running at peak performance. Whatever’s required, we can discuss it thoroughly with you and let you know the pros and cons of not doing it.

But, however diligent you are in your maintenance, you have to contingency plan for the occasional glitch which may result in some level of inconvenience, perhaps even complete downtime – after all, technology is constantly changing. At UPBEAT, we have the experience to accurately pinpoint the cause of any failure and rapidly implement a fix, usually remotely.  If a work-around (or Band-Aid) is required to get you up and running, fear not – we’ll be there in the slips, ready to step in and get systems up and running again, with minimal fuss and downtime to you and your business.  And, we’ll be up-front and tell you exactly what we’re doing, how much a proper fix will likely cost and when it can be done.

And if there is a disaster, external or internal, we’ll have it covered.  Thanks to our initial work at the analysis and design stage, we’ll be ready to go into crisis mode and get your business back on its feet – pronto!

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Cloud Services

We recommend cloud or remote services which match your business computing needs

We think the term ‘Cloud’ tends to scare and confuse people and prefer to use the term ‘Remote’.  Email is a very good example of a cloud or remote service, and one which virtually everyone uses these days, so most people are reassured when we tell them that these are just names for cost-effective resources provided to users on demand over the internet, as opposed to via a company’s own server on the premises. 

We’re up-to-speed with any security issues, so you can be confident your precious documents and treasured photographs will remain safe. Of course, you need to be mindful about which services you use, but carefully selected, they can provide useful storage and back-up, as well as efficient access to applications.

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Asset Management

What is asset management? 

Well, at UPBEAT, we believe that looking after our clients doesn’t stop at advising on the best computer solutions and getting them up and running.  Technology is an investment – an asset to the business, and it’s our job to manage that asset for you.  We carefully and securely record every detail about any purchase of hardware or software you’ve made through us, and we have alerts built into our centralised system here in the office, so there’s never any chance of warranties or license agreements lapsing, because we’ll give you plenty of warning. 

And, what’s more, any member of our team can retrieve this information for you at a moment’s notice, should you need it – after all, it’s your property.  This is a courtesy service we offer as your business computing specialist.

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