What is business continuity?

UPBEAT Business Computing is focussed on business continuity for businesses of all sizes in many different industries across Christchurch and Canterbury but what exactly is business continuity and how does it affect your business?

What is it?

Fundamentally, business continuity means exactly what it says. It is the ability of your business to continue under normal and abnormal conditions. With businesses now increasingly relying on computer systems, this means having an efficient and reliable computer system which is always available and can be restored to full working order quickly in the event of a major problem (fire, flood, earthquake etc.). Security, backup, disaster recovery and system optimisation (amongst others) are all important components of business continuity.

How do we do it?

A key part of any business continuity plan is having a reliable computer system. We ensure that any computer system that we install meets several basic requirements. For instance, we can confidently state that if you have a server with only one power supply, then we didn’t install it!
That’s only one part of the puzzle, there are many more and each business has slightly different requirements. A retail company needs to be sure that each time a customer is present to make a purchase that the purchase happens flawlessly and that the invoice/receipt is printed quickly whereas a distribution company may need to make sure any website orders come through without any problems. We can make sure this happens by monitoring each and every key part of the overall system to make sure that any problems are caught early on and don’t impact on other parts of the system. We have invested heavily in monitoring systems which make it possible for us to do this with the minimum of human intervention and the quickest response time.

Why do we do it?

We’ve seen far too many IT companies tread the well-worn path of endless cycles of break, fix, break, fix…..without so much of a thought for their clients’ businesses. Sure, if things don’t break, the clients don’t call as much but that’s got to be better in the long run isn’t it? As companies grow, systems still need to be updated and expanded and who wants to keep “fixing” things over and over again? We don’t!!
We know all too well that any slow down or failure in your business loses you money so don’t mess around with band-aid “solutions” from “Mickey Mouse” IT companies.

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