Your Computer System is at Risk!!!

It’s only a matter of time before cybercriminals take over your server and cause your business to lose productivity and money.

What can you do?

You may have an expensive firewall and the best antivirus and antimalware system money can buy but that’s not enough! You also need to make sure that the operating system on each of your Microsoft Windows servers is up to date.

UPBEAT Business Computing has invested in technology which allows us to keep your servers up to date almost automatically every month so that you can relax knowing that we’re doing all we can to protect you from malicious threats.
Previously, to install updates, an IT technician would either have to log on to each server and install the updates manually then reboot the server(s) at a convenient time, which is time-consuming and costly, or they would configure the operating system to download and install updates automatically, which has its problems too.

Why is our way better than letting Windows do it automatically?

When Windows installs updates automatically, there is little control over when it will happen or what will be installed. Most updates happen around 3am but there’s no guarantee that they will happen at this time nor is there any control over which day they happen. The last thing we want is a server restarting in the middle of the day! With our system, we can schedule updates to suit individual needs.

Why are updates important?

All software contains errors, known as bugs. Some bugs are very trivial, such as a spelling mistake or a wrong-coloured button, but others can have more serious consequences and affect system stability and, therefore, business continuity. Some bugs could even allow hackers to completely take over your system and steal your confidential information! In this connected world, it no longer matters where you are or how big your company is – everyone is a potential target.

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